Delivery policy

We ensure that all orders placed during the week are processed within 48 hours.  Orders placed on a weekend will be processed by Tuesday.  Your donor sperm order will not be shipped until we have received the consent form from you.  

Frozen donors- If you have selected a frozen egg donor, your frozen donor eggs will arrive at your clinic no longer than 7 working days from receiving your signed consent form and receiving payment.  We will dispatch a total of minimum 5 frozen eggs to your clinic.

Fresh donors- If you have selected a fresh donor, your chosen donor will be contacted and notified of the match.  All fresh donors are on the pill and will need to be synchronized to your cycle.  It is important that you do not select a fresh egg until you have been given the all clear by your doctor (completed bloods and investigations) and are ready for treatment.  You must be ready to start the treatment process 2 weeks from your order being confirmed.