Here at The London Egg Bank we empower women with a large choice of UK recruited egg donors - donors who are smart, altruistic and from a variety of different backgrounds. The London Egg Bank understands that the egg donor search may seem like a daunting task. We are here to assist you every step of the way helping you find an egg donor that meets your unique needs and preferences.   

To get access to our nework of UK recruited HFEA compliant egg donors, please complete the registeration form at the bottom of this page.  As soon as we recieve your registration details we will be in touch to find out more about you and talk you through the egg donation process.  In the mean time, below is a little more about our egg donor screening and selection process.


Egg Donor Screening

At the London Egg Bank we recruit donors who live in the UK. Our rigorous screening process ensures that each and every one of our donors meets The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) standards. 

Our egg donors undergo an intense screening and testing process, ensuring that you receive the highest quality donor eggs.

Exacting standards

Our team of specialist recruiters, doctors, geneticists, scientists, and counsellors study each donor’s individual and family health histories, medical tests, and other background information. This ensures that each donor meets our highly selective physical standards. Applicants also undergo a psychological examination in order to assess their mental health fitness and their commitment to the program – to further determine if they are an appropriate candidate to join our egg bank.

Each potential donor is educated at length on what is involved in donating their eggs in terms of time commitment required, physical symptoms and logistical concerns they may encounter, as well as the medical risks involved in the procedure and the care they must take of themselves and their body during the process.

Pre-screening questions

Potential donors interested in joining the donor program must be:

  1. a non-smoker

  2. fit and healthy with a BMI between 20 and 30

  3. have measurements of ovarian reserve (an indication of egg supply) within the normal range

  4. have both ovaries in place

With no previous history of:

  1. severe endometriosis or low ovarian response to ovarian stimulation

  2. transmissible or inheritable diseases

  3. untreated polycystic ovarian disease

The initial interview

If the above criteria are met, we invite the donor to attend an interview with one of our specialist donor recruiters at the London Egg Bank. This is to determine her reasons for becoming a donor, and to ascertain her suitability. She will need to give her GP details and provide proof of identity – a passport or driving licence.

She will be asked about her lifestyle choices, and medical history (including family members). Donors with infectious disease or a family history of hereditary diseases or unhealthy lifestyle choices are excluded from the program.  The donor must also be in good physical and mental health.

Doctor's appointment

If after initial assessment the donor is found to be suitable to progress, she will be asked to see our doctor for a consultation. The specialist will firstly conduct a pelvic ultrasound scan. This  scan detects problems in the uterus, ovaries and pelvic region, and is used to assess the donors suitability in terms of ovarian functionality.

Following the scan, the specialist will conduct a detailed review of the donor’s medical history and will discuss the following with her:

1. Her eligibility for the program

2. The risks and implications of donating eggs

3. How the egg donation procedure works

4. Ultrasound scan findings

If suitable, the egg donor will be asked to complete mandatory HFEA consent forms and will be sent for screening tests.

Screening tests

Following satisfactory assessment by one of our specialists, the donor will be sent for the following tests: 

         HIV I and II

         Hepatitis A IgG/IgM

         Hepatitis B surface antigen

         Hepatitis B core

         Hepatitis C


         Chlamydia urine

         Cervical smear

         CMV IgG/IgM

         HTLV 1/2

         Blood group and Rhesus factor

         Cystic fibrosis

         Chromosomal analysis

         TPHA (Syphilis)

         Sickle cell 


         Tay-Sachs (if applicable)


All egg donors are required to see the counsellor before progressing with donation. It provides an emotionally safe place in which donors explore what donation involves and the lasting implications for them and those they are close to.   

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