Why choose frozen eggs?

No wait - putting you in control

Frozen donor eggs from The London Egg Bank are available to you as soon as you decide to begin treatment.

Choosing frozen eggs rather than opting for the traditional route of a fresh donor cycle, instantly eliminates a degree of uncertainty because the donor’s cycle is already complete.

With a fresh cycle there is an element of the unknown and although the risks are uncommon, they do need to be considered. The donor may have to withdraw from the programme due to either not reacting to the medication or reacting badly, or because of unforeseen personal circumstances.

No need to synchronise

When opting for a fresh egg cycle, you will need to take medication to synchronise your menstrual cycle with the donor. If you and the donor respond as expected we then proceed to collect the eggs from the donor. With a frozen cycle this stage is not necessary.

You are in control

With a frozen cycle the eggs are stored with us, so once you have selected a donor, you are free to start treatment. And that treatment is in line with your schedule and your menstrual cycle – you are in full control.

Success rates with frozen donor eggs

For many years freezing eggs was one of the major challenges of reproductive medicine. The conventional freezing techniques created ice crystals, but these damaged the viability of eggs when they were thawed.

Vitrification – the way ahead

A few years ago  Japanese researchers developed a new rapid freezing technique - avoiding the formation of ice and quickly transforming the cells into a glass-like state. The new technique of ‘vitrification’ revolutionised embryo freezing and for the first time opened up many possibilities for egg freezing.

The viability of vitrified eggs is now similar to that of fresh eggs. 

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