Lisa's Story- Egg Donor

I wanted to be a mother from a young age and I am lucky enough to have 3 children. I can only imagine the pain of struggling to have a child. When I heard of the opportunity to donate my eggs to help another woman be a mum I didn’t hesitate. Having been so fortunate with my children I really wanted to help someone else.

The specialist explained the process in the consultation and the clinic provided counselling to talk through any doubts. I then had some blood tests and filled out some forms. When this was all cleared I was then matched with a recipient. The medication was delivered to my home. I was shown every step by one of the nurses and attended for scans and self administered the medications until my eggs were ready for collection. The egg collection was painless and I was home by lunch time, knowing I’d donated 23 eggs to someone to give them a chance. It was a wonderful experience which I would do again.

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