Our Fees

Before ordering a donor from the London Egg Bank, you must be registered as a patient at one of our partner clinics:The London Women’s Clinic or The Bridge Centre

The cost of using an egg donor from the London Egg Bank is £4,250.  Our fee covers the following

1. Donor Recruitment

2. Coordination and Administration

3. Medical Consultations

4. Counselling and support for the donor

5. All medical screening tests, including AMH, genetic screening  and infectious screening for the donor before and during treatment

6. Expense payment in line with HFEA guidelines

Please note that in addition to our egg donor fee of £4,250, there is an additional cost for treatment (IVF/ICSI treatment costs).  

For more information on IVF/ICSI treatment costs using an egg donor from the London Egg Bank, please contact our partner clinics The Bridge Centre or The London Women's Clinic.


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