Privacy policy

The London Egg Bank is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. This statement outlines our privacy and data protection policy. 

The website, its pages and sub-domains is owned and run by us, the London Egg Bank.  By clicking the tick box in the pop up that you encountered on first using our website, you signal that you have read this Policy and that you consent to the setting of “cookies” on your computer or device as well as to their subsequent access.  This document tells you what they are, why and how we use them and how you can remove them.

What cookies are

A “cookie” is a small text file, containing an anonymous, unique identifier, which is sent from a web server and placed on your computer's hard drive.  Whenever your Internet browser requests a web page from this server, the server detects the cookie.  Only the website that placed the cookie on your hard drive can access it.

There are two types of cookie.  “Session cookies” expire when the web browser is closed at the end of each user session.  “Persistent cookies” are stored by browsers and remain there until the sooner of their expiry date or deletion by the user.

Why we use cookies

We use cookies to help us to identify recurrent users and to analyse their use of our website.

Which cookies we use, and why

We use both session and persistent cookies on our website.  This section provides details:

Analytic cookies

We use Google Analytics to produce reports of statistical and other information about the use of our website. Google Analytics’ privacy policy is available here. An opt out is available here.

Collection and use of customer information

Your personal details will be collected and processed when you order, purchase, register, subscribe or make use of any of our products or services.  

In addition, when you visit our website or use any of our digital applications (such as our iPhone or iPad applications), we also collect website and application usage information (which may include your reading history and any advertisements you may have viewed), and information about your computer or other digital device and your internet connection. This includes your computer's or digital device’s IP address, the type and version of browser and operating system you use, your internet domain and, if you visited via a link from another website, the URL of the linking page.

This information is collected to help us:

1. fulfil your order

2. manage your registration preferences

3. send you service notifications

4. personalise web content based on your personal characteristics or preferences

5. ensure, as far as is practical, that our websites and applications are compatible with the browsers and operating systems used by most of our visitors

6. conduct customer satisfaction surveys


Rest assured that your sensitive information is safe and sound in our highly sophisticated data center. Our IT team are always working to ensure that your most important data is never compromised, regardless of the latest technology.

Card details

We do not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

Who we are

Our website is owned and operated by us, The London Egg Bank, an English limited company (registered number 07782982). Our registered office and principle place of business is 113 & 115 Harley Street, London W1G 6AP.